Birdz. | Franchise
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Throughout 2018, we will extend our franchise business model and the Birdz. brand name to you.

Birdz. Lifestyle Trading (Pty) Ltd. Birdz.

Becoming a Birdz. Franchisee allows you to deploy the company’s intellectual property (IP) and strategies, e.g. supplier network, research, marketing campaigns, as well as our trademark to achieve maximum profitability.

Why Birdz.?

Participate in a business concept providing a healthy, sustainable and fresh food choice. The Birdz. brand represents Swiss heritage, family values and value for money.
Join a novel and trendy Pop-up concept serving clients from a high tech fully equipped mobile Pod. Our state-of-the-art French imported rotisseries guarantees theatre in the Birdz. Kitchen!
Your personal engagement and business acumen enables you to achieve unlimited growth potential. Access to training programs before you open your business and benefit from new developments in the franchise’s industry. Refined and developed business processes which allow you to reduce low performance risks.
Managing your day to day operational challenges, you have an avenue to techncial support and qualified staff who can give advice, allowing you to be the entrepreneur you always wanted to be and enough time to focus on your clients!
Procurement efficiencies through economies of scale. Birdz.’s exclusive products will be offered by trusted suppliers, allowing you to take full advantage of nurtured relationships, bulk rebates and other incentives that may come with it.
We ensure Advertising and Marketing assistance for you! Birdz. management has performed marketing research. We know our clients and have a pretty good idea who our target audience are. Benefit from our effective advertising campaigns and cost efficient pooling of resources.
We trust that the above testimony has awakened your interest!

Stay tuned!